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Welcome to Sew Loli!
Welcome to Sew Loli, where we share our handmade lolita creations! We welcome members of all levels of sewing skill, from people who just made their first stitches to classic couturiers.
New to the community? Feel free to introduce yourself along with showing us your first project!

Sewing Contest:
All contest entries must be tagged with "contest entry", and have a project registration and project completion post (may be combined). Multiple entries are encouraged. Check the "monthly challenge" and "quarterly challenge" tags for what is up!
29th-Jun-2015 01:38 pm - Blouse alterations (Opinions please!)
So ages ago I found a loli-able blouse at some thrift store or another.  Only problem was that it was sized extra large, and I am sized significantly smaller.  Anyways, I finally got around to taking it in at the sides (which worked out marvelously) and now I'm left with the sleeves.
Read more...Collapse )The shirt has long sleeves.  They aren't too long on me, but they are definitely wide, and I want to make it a short sleeved shirt anyway.  The shirt has nice cuffs on the sleeves that I want to use, but they are rather large.

So I would like your opinions.  I can't decide:
Should I shorten the sleeves and not use the cuffs?
Should I shorten the sleeves and only use part of the cuffs?
Should I shorten the sleeves and use the entire cuffs?
22nd-Jun-2015 07:44 pm - Introduction and a few Projects
doll, isul
Nickname: Ellie
Country: England
Found Lolita: in late 2010 when I was eleven years old - I remember being enamored with the style right away, and have been collecting and wearing it ever since!
Experience: The basics; I can cut fabrics and draft patterns (with some help from family members for the latter), sew relatively decently and follow verbal instructions. I also did some embroidery when I was younger, but I have yet to pick up the hoop again.
Equipment: Sewing machine, the usual sundries.
Specialties: I love designing what I want to make and can adapt patterns to my sensibilities.
Improve: Reading patterns (they're like a foreign language to me) and time management.
Style of choice: Classical Lolita
Things I can help you with: Design ideas and bits and pieces of inspiration, perhaps? :)

Here's a couple of things I made, though some of them aren't that Lolita-styled and are more of a practice.
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22nd-Jun-2015 02:18 pm - Introduction and First Projects
Nickname: Sarah
Country: USA
Found Lolita: I remember a friend first showed me the "Fruits" book back in the late 90's and I've been casually following Japanese street fashion since then. I know I saw some lolita magazines when I went to Japan in 2003.
Experience: I've sewn by hand since I was a kid and in the past few years I've sewn dresses that were not lolita. I was inspired by lolita to start sewing again so I could try out the fashion.
Equipment: Brother sewing machine and serger.
Specialties: Cursing at my equipment.
Improve: Serging, patience.
Style of choice: Gothic and Classic are what I am most interested in trying out.
Things I can help you with: Reading patterns

(NOTE: I attempted to do the "cut" thing with the pictures, but I don't know if it will work or not... so, I apologize ahead of time)

[Pictures below]I started off with sewing some white bloomers, then a white petti just to get into the swing of sewing again. I improved on the second pair of bloomers (black) and the second petti (also black). I also made a half bonnet, some wrist cuffs, and altered a pair of too-small tights into knww socks with chiffon trim (not pictured).

I want to make a simple black jsk similar to this one to go with everything:

Any suggestions would be great! I've never put together a coord before so I could use advice.

13th-Jun-2015 12:38 pm - Totally Cute Strawberry Print
Just found this super cute print over at Joann Fabric. Definitely going to have to do something with it. Obviously it will be country themed.Pic under the cut...Collapse )


It's a nice medium weight quilting cotton. I find this works incredibly well for the Lolita style dresses and skirts.

Has anyone else found any cute fabrics lately?
12th-Jun-2015 02:29 pm - Book print jsk?
Awhile back I saw an image of a book print jsk.  The skirt had a pattern of book spines and the bodice was a dark color that wasn't black (and may have been velvet).  It was worn with a blouse and modeled by a girl standing in what I'm assuming was a library, right in front of some sort of a railing.  I now can't find that picture anywhere.

So frustration aside, I'm asking for any book print JSK.  Images, links, anything.  The closest I've found to what I'm looking for is Innocent World's Royal Library, but I'm still looking for anything even remotely similar.  (I'm looking to make a book jsk in the near future, so inspiration and pictures are much needed.)
8th-Jun-2015 05:00 pm - Introduction
flowers, deer, nature
Name: Harley
Country: USA
Found Lolita: I've always been into alternative fashion, but I first heard the actual term "lolita" at an anime convention, and I quickly fell in love.
Style of choice: I am as OTT sweet as it gets. I'm into deco and hime, anything with frill. However, I am a boy, and often will also wear sweet kodona in addition to the skirts and dresses.
Experience: Lots of sewing and power tools, I've been making cosplay for five years, competitively for two. This helped me sew some of my first lolita pieces.
Equipment: Many power tools, a Bernina embroidery machine, a Singer sewing machine, and an old serger I found on the side of the road. :)
Specialties: I'm good with draping and patterning, but my real skill is in working fast.
Things I can help you with: Ask away and I might be able to either lend advice or direct you to someone who can!
My fellow Lolitas, do you ever had those moments where you work yourself into near madness, and the very act of looking at your sewing machine makes your hands prickle? I hadn't touched mine in 2 months, ever since Sakuracon this year, after a marathon of work that crushed my drive to sew anything at all.

I changed that yesterday, and punched out a JSK in about 7 hours, from start to finish. It's a personal record for me!

What"s Red, Black, and White all over?Collapse )
14th-May-2015 08:37 pm - Intro/Help
Name: Gumdrop
Country: USA
Found Lolita: Um I don't remember I knew about it from anime for a long time. I've been wearing it for about 5 months now though.

Style of choice: Sweet (I like the other styles alot too though)
Experience: Basic sewing...(probably a little less >.<)
Equipment: (thats what my question is on)
Specialties: I'm really good at embroidery
and design I'd say
Things I can help you with: Getting started

what sewing machine should I get O.O I don't want it to be cheap but I don't want it to cost a fortune. (if I get a cheap one I know it will just break on me so I want a decent one) Also I'm really new to sewing but have always wanted to do it. I'm wondering how the machine would work and such? (I've looked of tutorials on hemming and such so I know how to sew the items I just don't know how the machine works)
Hello! I've been browsing this community for a while, so I figured I might introduce myself!

Nickname: Milkteaparfait
Country: Germany
Found Lolita: 2005-ish. I only started wearing it in 2013 though!
Experience: A little bit. I know how to use a machine and read patterns.
Equipment: Sewing machine, and hot glue gun for accessories.
Specialties: Nothing really. I have a lot to learn.
Improve: Pretty much everything.
Style of choice: Sweet lolita and otome.
Things I can help you with: Nothing sewing-wise, but I'm pretty good at finding things on the internet :,D
Project Registration below the cut!Collapse )
Hi~ I've been watching the community for awhile, so I thought I'd say hi and stuff!

Nickname: Aiko
Country: Canada
Found Lolita: I think it was early 2014, I stumbled upon the fashion on tumblr
Experience: I've sewn a few items (sweaters, sweatpants, etc) but I've never done anything loli yet
Equipment: very old Singer sewing machine, getting a new sewing machine and a serger soon
Specialties: Nothing really, I'm a bit new to sewing still
Improve: Self-drafting patterns, I continuously mess up every time I try
Style of choice: Generally Gothic or Punk, with some Guro and Classic. Once in awhile, I'll even try Sweet
Things I can help you with: Putting together a coordinate, I know what goes well with what

Project Title: Gothic OP w/ Gathered Sleeves
Short Project Description: A simple Gothic one-piece dress with gathered sleeves
Project Deadline: Late April of 2016, in time for Otafest
Patterns Used: Self-drafting, based on this:
Materials Needed: Black and white fabric, elastic, ribbon, lace
Challenges or Obstacles: Skill, since I am new, and finding the time between school and work
8th-Apr-2015 07:02 pm - Project Registration: Several things
I just got my first petticoat! So now I need stuff to wear it under.

Project Title: Blouse Alteration
Short Project Description: I got a cute blouse that's too big, so I'm taking it in and fixing the sleeves. No idea whether to leave them long or make it short-sleeved.

Projected Deadline: ASAP
Pattern(s) Used: N/A
Materials needed: The shirt, thread.
Challenges or obstacles: Fitting clothes on myself is hard! Also I have no idea what to do with the sleeves and I don't want to mess with the cuffs but I have to.

Project Title: Khaki & Red Skirt
Short Project Description: Four panel high-waisted skirt. Red trim on panel seams and this red and off-white trim I have around the bottom. Off center back zipper. Making to match a hat I never get to wear because I own nothing red.

Projected Deadline: Whenever, really.
Pattern(s) Used: None.  I'll be drafting it.
Materials needed: Khaki fabric, red zipper, red ribbon, trim, thread, industrial zip ties to use as stays to keep the skirt up.
Challenges or obstacles: The invisible zipper and the fact I only have 2 yards of khaki.

Project Title: Bloomers
Short Project Description: I need bloomers.  Just plain, white bloomers.
Projected Deadline: ASAP
Pattern(s) Used: ?
Materials needed: White fabric, elastic, thread.
Challenges or obstacles: I'll need to do research on bloomer making.

Project Title: Blue World Map Skirt
Short Project Description: A simple no elastic, no zipper, gethered rectangle skirt.  With a pocket.  Will post a tutorial somewhere eventually.

Projected Deadline: April 25th (for "Operation fancy tea with my bruhs," a fancy dress party with some of my school friends)
Pattern(s) Used: None.
Materials needed: Fabric, thread, and closures.
Challenges or obstacles: Have to pettern the pocket and hand sew the closures.
So its been a long time since the last post for me! I've actually got three finished projects to tell y'all about but I'm pressed for sleep now. I just wanted to say I'm back and ready to sew! These are my newest projects and I'm sure the second description is more vague than the first. Its cause I'm square like that.

Projects!Collapse )
26th-Mar-2015 05:46 pm - Intro & Project registration
Hi! Nice to meet you all officially!

Nickname: Phantom
Country: USA
Found Lolita: When Anime Insider ran a blurb about Gothic and Lolita Bible when it was published over here
Experience: Learned some sewing skills from my mother, my aunt, a summer class, and a copy of Idiot's Guides: Sewing
Equipment: sewing machine, iron, computer
Specialities: basic circle skirts with an elastic waist
Improve: All the things, but I'd love to learn how to alter patterns and work with border prints
Style of Lolita: Sweet, Classic, Gothic, Alice (is that still a thing?), a little Hime on Halloween
Things I can help you with: research

Project Title: Hogwarts JSK
Short Project Description: I'm planning on making a simple dark grey jumperskirt with lace on the hem and a handmade Hogwarts applique in honor of the new movie.
Projected Deadline: November 18, 2016 (in time for the premier of Fantastic Beasts!)
Pattern(s) Used: JSK pattern (can't remember number at the moment), Hogwarts cross stitch pattern
Materials needed: Dark grey fabric, embroidery floss, aida cloth, Heat-n-Bond, lace
Challenges or obstacles : Time, my job, editing the cross stitch pattern
20th-Mar-2015 07:40 pm - Project Registration and Intro ^^
Nickname: Meme
Country: USA
Found Lolita: 2013 on Tumblr
Experience: Ive been sewing taught by my Grandma since Ive started cosplaying in 2013
Equipment: a Singer sewing machine.
Specialities: Nothing lol
Improve: Basically everything! But mostly zippers and gathering.
Style of Lolita: Sweet/Classic/Gothic but this project is more classic.
Things I can help you with: Nothing because Im no expert lol

Okay so hi Im Meme and today I was in the fabric shop and saw that they had some Brocade fabric for $4/yrd (which is pretty cheap here). So I bought some pink fabric with roses that reminded me of Angelic Pretty's Rose Garden Princess so I've decided to make a dupe of that.

Project Title: Angelic Pretty's Rose Garden Princess Dupe
Project Deadline: Whenever I finish
Patterns Used: my own pattern
Materials Needed: Fabric (which I got, and lots of lace and pearls (which I dont got)
Challenges or Obstacles: Zippers haha
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